Highly Commended Best Independent Agent Thailand 2012: Tropical Homes Real Estate

Further to my earlier blog it has been pointed out to me by none other than Terry Blackburn, the CEO of Ensign Media and publishers of the highly respected S.E Asia Property Report amongst others, that we were also joint winners of the 2012 Highly commended Best Independent Agent Thailand which was specifically introduced to make the awards fairer to the non-international brands.  It’s a subtle point and perhaps one that will never be satisfactorily resolved while the main judging panel have never even visited the agents they are purporting to judge.  We submit our entry, together with supporting documentation,  after being nominated by members of the public and official bodies within the industry after which a further selection takes place and a shortlist is drawn up for final judging.  While this is quite rigorous in itself and the judging is entirely impartial, no money changes hands and unlike many other “property awards” there is no entrance fee or other costs associated with the contest, it nevertheless has its shortfalls.  This is perhaps why the award is so coveted and respected within the industry itself.  The general public aren’t aware how the system works though they can check it out on the Thailand Property Awards own website.  Either way you can bet we’ll be trying to win it again next year together with the Best Agent Phuket 2013!

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