How the Internet is changing lives.

It  is nothing new to state that the internet is changing the lifestyles of many but possibly in ways and numbers we never could have envisaged.  With increasing numbers of clients staying for longer periods of time in Phuket  it is becoming clear that before the days of the internet this would have been impossible for most of them.  The opportunity to conduct much of their business online is making it unnecessary for many people to actually attend their place of work, at least for part of the year if not all of it.  While this might seem obvious the fact is many of the clients we see renting property for longer terms of say 4 to 6 months are still working during this period, the difference being they can work from the luxury of their home away from home and enjoy the sunshine and lifestyle Phuket has to offer instead of the grueling winter of their actual home. We have further noticed these clients are not restricted to online businesses.  The ease in which the internet has made it possible to get immediate access to accounts, customer sales, monitoring staff movements and making orders has meant that many business owners that in the past might have had to go to their place of work on a regular basis no longer need to.

Not so long ago the clients who were in a position to stay here for 6 months or more in relative luxury were made up almost entirely of retirees, the very rich or both.  Now we are seeing much younger people setting up a temporary home for 6 months on Phuket while still being able to conduct their business using the internet.

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