Property rentals up 120% in 2012.

While sales might still have been affected by the global recession in 2012 the same could not be said for property rentals.  We saw a huge increase in property rentals, up by 120%, particularly in the luxury villa sector. We also noted that lease terms are on average becoming longer with increasing numbers of clients staying for 4 to 5 months over their winter season.
This is being partly fuelled by the numbers of former Soviet bloc residents that are coming here to escape their grueling winters.  As their economy continues to grow at a staggering rate so do the numbers of people who are in a financial position to enjoy this new lifestyle.  And it’s not only oligarchs enjoying multi-million dollar villas.
With ever increasing numbers of flights coming directly to Phuket from the countries that made up the Soviet bloc, 8 flights a day from Russia alone, people from all walks of life are arriving in their droves to snap up the sunshine and lifestyle.  We have seen this reflected in the number of new enquiries we are receiving for resort style condos to spend the winter months.
Changing lifestyles, the internet, ease of transport, are all contributing towards increasing traffic to Phuket.  No longer are we reliant on Western Europe for our High Season to be successful, with two thirds of the world’s population within a 7 hour flight it is hardly surprising Phuket’s future as the premier resort in S.E. Asia is guaranteed.

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