Will 2013 be another record year for tourism in Thailand?

Whatever bad news takes place elsewhere in the world Thailand appears to be immune. International tourist arrival figures are expected to reach record numbers in 2013 according to the Kasikorn Research Center (KResearch) and will almost certainly exceed 25 million.  9 million people already visited the country during the first 4 months of 2013, a rise of over 19% on last year’s figures.

Though the Thai baht may be a relatively strong currency globally KResearch observed that tourists still think Thailand offers exceptional value for money.  An increase in the number of routes offered by international airlines is certainly helping to bring people here quicker and easier. Qatar Airlines and Etihad Airlines have certainly made it far simpler for more passengers to get to Phuket from many parts of the world with their latest direct routes into Phuket via their centrally hubs located midway for most western European nations.

The number of Chinese tourists continues to rise quite dramatically as one would expect from a rapidly developing economic powerhouse.  Chinese tourists remind me of those first visiting southern Europe in the heyday of the package holidays from the UK and northern Europe in the 60’s and 70’s. . KResearch are predicting that almost 4 million Chinese will visit Thailand in 2013 together with increased numbers from South Korea and Japan.

This is good news for Tropical Homes Real Estate.  After an unexpectedly slow start to the year the number of sales and rentals achieved has risen dramatically in the last 3 months proving what we have always observed, that as a percentage of enquiries the number of serious buyers coming to Phuket are higher in low season.


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