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Phuket Villas

Villa property market in Phuket and Thailand

The Thailand property market is hot and the demand for Phuket property is very strong. Phuket villas, homes, apartments, bungalows and condos benefit from great beaches and mountain hillsides that offer stunning views. The land in Phuket lends itself to many private developments hidden away in secluded valleys and on breezy hillsides. The array of different styles and degrees of luxury contribute to the choice of buying villas in Phuket

Who is buying Phuket Real Estate

Many foreigners are buying Thailand real estate as a second or retirement home, and Phuket is usually the most desired choice. Choices of Thailand properties abound with Phuket land, apartment and residential homes, but it is villas that have boomed in demand over recent times as they meet the property needs for Phuket-destined vacationers and retirees in Thailand.

The typical Phuket Villa

The typical Phuket villa has upwards of 200 to 300 square meters of interior space, two to four bedrooms with en-suites, a private swimming pool, gardens and a sea view or mountain view.  Like most of Thailand, these types of Phuket properties start at around 13 million baht and can go upwards of 40 million baht depending on the location of the real estate, the size of the villa, and the quality of the villa view.

Why buy Phuket Property

Phuket Villas - Villa projects in Phuket are usually good investments due to the growth in property sales on this island. Take your time to familiarise yourself with the island. Different locales offer different amenities. Living in a remote Phuket property area may not be to your liking in the long run, but then living amongst throngs of tourists may not be either!

typical phuket villa

Phuket Property - What you should know

When buying a villa in Phuket, as in all Thailand, you should rely on the reputation of the developer, their past record, and how they are handling their ongoing project. This is true for any Thailand land, properties, real estate, standard homes, condos or bungalows.

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