In order to travel to Thailand, the traveller needs to obtain a visa. A visa is a document issued by a country giving a certain individual permission to formally request entrance to the country during a given period of time and for certain purposes.

There are several types of visas granted based on purpose of entry into the kingdom of Thailand.

Tourist Visa Exemption (up to 30 days)
This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom of Thailand for tourism purposes

Tourist Visa (not exceeding 60 days)
This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom of Thailand for tourism purposes for greater than 30 days but less than 60 days.

Non Immigrant Visa
This type of visa is designed for applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom of Thailand for the following purposes.

  • To perform official duties (Category "F")
  • To conduct business / to work (Category "B")
  • To invest with the concurrence of the Thai Ministries and Government Departments concerned (Category "IM")
  • To invest or perform other activities relating to investment, subject to the provision of the established laws on investment promotion (Category "IB")
  • To study, to come on a work study tour or observation tour , to participate in projects or seminars , to attend a conference or training course , to study as a foreign Buddhist monk (Category "ED")
  • To work as a film-producer, journalist or reporter (Category "M")
  • To perform missionary work or other religious activities with the concurrence of the Thai Ministries or Government Departments concerned (Category "R")
  • To conduct scientific research or training or teaching in a research institute (Category "RS")
  • To undertake skilled work or to work as an expert or specialist
    (Category "EX")
  • Other activities such as visiting Thai spouse, children, parents, voluntary job
    (Category "O")

Pension earners or Applicants over 50 years of age will require the following documents (Category "O" with multiple entries) :

Pension statement if the applicant is a pension earner, or

Proof of income with a minimum of £900.00 per month or

Thai Spouse visa with a copy of marriage certificate and passport or Thai ID of spouse.

3 Year Non Immigrant Visa
Foreign citizen who wishes to visit Thailand for business purpose may apply for a three-year non-immigrant visa, type ‘B’ with multiple entries. It allows holder to visit Thailand as often as required for as long as the visa remains valid and allows holder to stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 90 days during each visit. Employment of any kind is strictly prohibited for holder of such visa.

Retirement Visa
On 11th September 2001 the Cabinet has approved the revision of the regulation on granting the authorities concerned to facilitate the issuance of visa to foreigners aged 50 or above wishing to take retreat in the Kingdom at least for the period of one (1) year.

Qualification of an applicant:

  • A foreign national whose age is over 50 years or above
  • Not being prohibited from entering the Kingdom under the Immigration Act B.E.2522 (A.D.1979) 
  • No criminal record of the Kingdom of Thailand, the country of national and country of permanent residence as well.  
  • 4 Holding the nationality or permanent residence of the country of application 
  • 1.5 No medical record of contagious disease.  
  • 1.6 No permission of working in Thailand


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