Thailand - Investment Finance

Thailand - Investment Finance

Thailand - Investment Finance

Property investment in Thailand requires careful financial planning. Below you will gain an understanding of the finance options available to investors wishing to purchase property in Thailand today.

Financing your property investment in Thailand could entail injecting your own cash resources or, as most serious investors prefer, a mortgage or equity release scheme.

Traditionally foreigners have not been able to borrow money in Thailand for property purchase. However, times are changing and loans are regarded as a positive way to attract foreign investment and further boost Thailandís growing economy.

Terms of Thai loans:
Currency        Baht (THB)
Loan to Value       Up to 80% of the valuation price
Term         10 years

Thai banks are just beginning to regard foreigners, not as a credit risk, but as an investment opportunity and mortgages in Thailand are gradually increasing in availability.
Currently you should generally expect to obtain no more than 50% finance, with the exception to some well-known developments where finance of nearer 70% is available.
Recently a new branch of the Bangkok Bank has opened in Singapore and it now finances sometimes as much as 70% over 10 years for property purchase. This has opened up borrowing possibilities for property investment in Thailand and will have a positive impact on property prices.
HSBC in Thailand offers loans of between 1,500,000 and 35,000,000 Thai Baht. Typically they will lend up to 80% of the purchase price and interest rates can be fixed for up to three years.

For condo purchases, many investors still obtain a loan in their country of origin and then transfer funds via currency exchange deals to a Thai bank account.

1. Off-Plan Financing
Investors must remember that sometimes the developer will offer various finance options. This will often entail altering the required initial deposit and other key payment points throughout the construction phases of the property. Usually the developer can offer the most competitive finance options to investors and these are certainly worth considering.
As always, before making a commitment, we recommend you discuss your investment strategy with a lawyer, a reputable property agent with experience in the area and even a financial advisor

2. Equity Release
Put simply, equity release is a way of releasing some cash from the home without having to sell up and move house. If you have property in your own country and would like to borrow against this in an equity release plan, we can introduce you to independent financial advisors who can help you raise the necessary finance for your investment in Thailand.
If you are in your mid-50s or older and own your own home, you may be able to get a cash lump sum, a regular income, or both, by using an equity release scheme based on the value of your property. These schemes can be helpful in certain circumstances to raise money for a mortgage to finance your Thai property investment.


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